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For quality education of Ahsania Mission College, following steps have taken:

  1. To ensure 100% presence of students.
  2. b) Our principal and vice-principal monitor the environment of the school, attendants of the students. Speech delivery in the class, arrival and departure of the teacher- employees regularly.
  3. c) Weak and attentive students are identified by the respective class teachers and they contact with the guardians on the basis of the term final result. Extra classes are taken for the weak students.
  4. d) Every course teacher has to be asked for his subject to ensure good result. They get promotions on the basis of their success or capabilities and get punishment for failure or excess profit –making tendency.
  5. e) Meeting with the guardian is going on regularly. Every year at least 15 meetings are arranged for the guardians of the students of class V, VII, X, XII.
  6. f)  A weekly meeting is arranged with all the teachers on Thursday on each week.  This meeting discuss with the strength and lackings of our weekly activities.
  7.  g) Taking the permission from the guardians we take extra classes from 1.30pm to 4.00pm for class five, eight and ten.
  8. h) We arrange P. T. in every Saturday in a week and we also have classes for physical education.
  9. i) We are making our school campus attractive. We decided to make a garden in front of each class. We set some tubs of flowers in front of each class. Recently we plant many types of plant like flower, fruit and grasses. Now our campus is very good to look at.
  10. j) We arrange an evaluation sheet among students from class eight to twelve to evaluate the teacher performance. Thus we find out their strength and weakness and they become very conscious.
  11. k) Our Principal and vice-principal supervise our classes every day and find out their strength and weakness. Then help him to recovery his weakness by discussion. We also have training program for the teachers.
  12. l) From the 2014 session preparation is going on for girls guide and boys guide.
  13. j) Science club, debating club, and spoken club have been established from 2013 session.